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Step into your
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raditional Vedic teachings & heart-based mentorships 

Nurture Your Nature

Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga, Ayurvedic Consultations, Private 1:1 Mentoring, Retreats & Workshops

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What song is your soul here to sing?

Have you ever felt like there must be more to this thing they call 'YOGA"?? 

Maybe you've practiced now for a while and have felt some changes happen within you, but aren't sure where to go next.  

I love to support people in deepening their connection to yoga, to a personal practice, and ultimately - to the quiet song of their soul. The song that can only be heard if we learn to quiet the noisy tendencies of the mind, balance the body, and reconnect to a sense of devotion for all of life. 

Not too much to ask, eh?

Thing is, it doesn't need to be big and scary. In fact, what I've found through my own practice is that the biggest revelations often come softly, sweetly, and at a time when our bodies, minds and nervous systems are absolutely ready for them. 



Online Yoga & Meditation

Ayurvedic Consultations

Private Mentorship




Jenny Ní Ruiséil 


Jenny is an Irish yoga teacher, musician, mentor and coach who has spent the past 8 years travelling, exploring and integrating the traditional teachings of traditional tantric hatha yoga, bhakti, mantra & ayurveda into her life.

Her classes aim to connect you with the ultimate goal of 'yoga' - the sense of 'oneness' that unfolds when mind, body, breath and spirit are harmonized. 

Her Kirtan & Bhakti sessions use the beauty of mantra to achieve the same goal, uniting voices in the harmony of Yoga using the universal language that is Prana, Imbas (in the Celtic tradition), Chi, or lifeforce energy. Her deep connection to the Irish language and landscape is also woven into her teachings, and is an ever-deepening part of her own personal life and practices.


Ayurvedic Consultations

Ayurvedic Consultations - get a private session to determine your primary Doshic tendencies, receive guidance on how to start implementing Ayurvedic Ahar (diet), Vihar (lifestyle) and Dinacharya (routines) to support your return back to balance in body & mind. 

Private Mentoring Packages

Private Mentoring is tailored to the client's needs. Sessions are geared towards helping you uncover and restore harmony in your life - from healing your relationship to food, exploring the spiritual side of life, to improving & refining your yoga practice, and anything else you wish to receive support with. I offer packages of either 6 or 8 weeks currently. 

Online Yoga 

I follow a traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga Approach to teaching, which includes a full spectrum practice of Asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, mudra & bandha. Classes take place via Zoom, and recordings are sent to all participants afterwards. Check schedule for next classes.


"Jenny is a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher that has a lot of respect for this practice. I loved every minute of the course and I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their overall health and relationship with oneself. "

Anonymous, Dublin

"Deep gratitude for putting this course together and helping me think differently about the connection between mind body spirit and our energy and needs for balance!"

Aisling, Dublin

"The small changes that I have made with implementing the Ayurvedic tools has improved my day to day. I have been able to find acceptance and genuinely felt a weight lift off my shoulders. It has been an amazing journey, learning to appreciate what your body does for you and really taking the time to listen and care for all different aspects of our self.  I have a better relationship with myself, food and others. Thank you Jenny for sharing your beautiful knowledge, practice and energy with me." 

Jane, Ireland


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