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Jenny Ní Ruiséil -

MA, 650 hr RYT, 600hr Ayurvedic Counsellor, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Musician

I became a Yoga teacher because I felt compelled to do so. There was no logic to it at first, just a strong-willed urge that came from somewhere deep within to explore, to grow and to dive into self-development. I see this now as the quiet nudging of my soul to discover the true extent of what I was capable of. 

Almost as a congratulatory prize for taking that first leap, I was subsequently introduced to Ayurveda, which fascinated me from the get-go. 

I'm passionate about sharing these concepts and principles because I feel they provide a valuable new lense to view both the natural world and our bodies through - something which is desperately needed in this time of great change and environmental turmoil.

What I've come to understand through my studies in Ayurveda and as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, is that true health and natural healing is a choice - either we commit to it, or we don't. The power of our mind to dictate how and what we experience on a daily basis is an incredible and yet challenging realisation, one which we must commit to refining constantly..


Harmony, Balance, Ease

My personal experience in healing my relationship to food, my body and mind through implementing Yogic and Ayurvedic practices has provided me with a valuable understanding of the intricate nature of imbalance as it shows up in these pillars of life.

As such, my approach to coaching is bio-individual, meaning that I believe each body, mind and unique set of circumstances requires something different in order to truly heal.

The overall aim in any class, private session or course setting is to provide tools for students & clients to find and maintain HARMONY, between mind, body & spirit. Holding space for you to explore what this means for you, how best to approach the process, and accountability throughout it. 

I am honoured to now be holding this kind of space - as it was held for me so generously and patiently during some difficult times.

For those curious to deepen their experience with Ayurveda, I can provide guidance to do this. For those seeking more ongoing, in-depth support, regular one-to-one coaching is a truly transformative way to achieve personal goals, shift limiting beliefs, move away from negative patterns and implement new, natural ways of being, & thinking. This approach can be applied to:

- Healing your relationship with food

- Shifting negative beliefs and patterns

- Improving overall physical & mental health

- Accountability with Yoga practice 

- Setting & sticking to work/fitness/health-related goals

- Deepening your spiritual practice and connection

See 'Coaching' tab for more details. 

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