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The Full Story/An Scéal Iomlán


My name is Jenny - I'm a yoga & meditation teacher, ayurvedic health coach, musician and mentor from Dublin, Ireland. My teaching is founded in the lineage-based tradition of Sri Vidya tantra and Vedantic meditation. I began my yoga journey as a means to heal from disordered eating and crippling anxiety, and since finding the traditional path have experienced such profound shifts in my overall state of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing that I can't help but be excited to share these transformative teachings with you. 



It's my mission to help students reconnect with their innate sense of purpose, power & inspiration in life. I have always been a creative person, and so I draw on the power of mantra, music & self-inquiry as tools alongside yoga & meditation to spark the seeds of transformation from the inside out.


I imagine a world where creative expression and emotional intelligence is at the core of a healthy, balanced society. To be creative is to be in touch with our emotions - something which every human has the capacity to tap into, given the right tools & guidance.

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