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Yoga in Action

Private 1:1 Mentoring

Have you ever craved a space to bring your mind & heart in times where they feel conflicted, overwhelmed, and tired?

Maybe you've found that place on the yoga mat, at a kirtan session, on a meditation cushion, or on a retreat/training.

Maybe you've tried all different styles & techniques, and had glimpses into what life could be like if you could live from a space of alignment and ease, consistently.

But even still, no matter how many down-dogs you do, or how many difficult poses you master, those fleeting moments of 'not-wanting' (aka, joy), don't ever last.


The truth is, no amount of physical practice will help us truly shift the blocks, behaviours and conditioned beliefs which keep us playing small in the world.

It can help as a starting point, but if we are to practice tantra and yoga as they were originally intended to be practiced, we very quickly realise that it's not all vinyasas and backbends.


Your heart sees by its own light.
In meditation, adore the subtle fire
The light that you see by
Is the light that comes from inside.”

- Lorin Roche, The Radiance Sutras

What awaits is a journey beyond the superficial layers, beyond the perfectionism and materialistic side of yoga (because let's face it, that's a thing too!), back to the heart of what truly drives us to practice.

A sense that beyond all the noise, distractions and conditions ...


we are love. 

Why? How? What?

Choose from either 6 or 8 1:1 private sessions, tailored to suit your individual goals, needs & areas of focus.

This approach is followed in order to help you gain clarity in your individual practice, ease & confidence in body & mind, & to invite more devotion & presence into life, practice & how you approach them. 

Tantric Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation

Using wisdom drawn from these frameworks, we will work together to tailor practices to suit you, as well as bi-weekly private calls to discuss your particular areas of focus. This could include (but definitely not limited to):

  • Refining your daily habits to include aspects of Ayurveda & Yoga

  • Finding a practice (meditation OR asana-based) to suit your needs

  • Refining your teaching of yoga (if you are a teacher)

  • Reconnecting to the truth of why we practice (aka, finding your WHY & sparking motivation to practice)

  • Exploring mantra & devotional practice (Bhakti)

  • Working through any blockages (mental or physical) which present themselves as we embark on this path (letting go of/redefining relationships, cultivating regular practice, redefining our understanding of Self, healing our relationship with the body, taking new steps towards creating a more aligned & balanced life, etc). 


Using tools of self-inquiry, practice & private sessions, we’ll explore the blockages keeping you feeling ‘stuck’ in practice and in life, with a view to creating momentum & depth in your practice and as such - in your life, too.

This is for you IF:


  • You’re a keen practitioner of yoga, or interested in exploring self-healing & coaching from a Yogic perspective

  • You are curious about cultivating a lifestyle informed by the teachings of yoga

  • You are a yoga teacher - you have completed a 200-hour training, but feel the need for a little extra support and clarity as you begin to share these practices

  • You are interested in developing a practice of meditation, or a better understanding/application of Ayurvedic practices

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Schedule a FREE 30-minute chat

Book a 30-min introduction call to chat about how this kind of package could work for you!

Or reach out via email -

To be purposeful is not to be goal oriented, but to seek to reconnect to the source of one’s life’ - Michael Meade

Nurture the Nature of You


Take your yoga 'off the mat' & beyond the physical practice.

Receive 1:1 support as you incorporate Ayurvedic wisdom and Yoga philosophy into your life, develop a meditation practice, or simply begin to explore your personal areas of focus through the lens of  these incredibly potent teachings.

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