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('Ayur' meaning 'life', and 'veda' - 'knowledge of')

Is a system of healing and disease-prevention outlined by the ancient Yogis and sages in the Vedic texts. Alongside healing, it is designed to prepare the body & mind for the practices of Yoga. 

By addressing aspects of our health such as;

- Ahar (Diet)

- Vihar (lifestyle)

- Dinacharya (routines)

- Agni (Digestive Fire)

Ayurvedic principles allow us to refine and adjust the outer patterns and environment, so that our inner world can become more balanced too. 

What's your Dosha? Take the quiz!!

*please note quiz results are intended as guidelines, rather than definitive readings. To fully develop a thorough understand your Prakriti, it is best to book a session to talk it all through!

What happens in a consultation?

In an Ayurvedic consultation with me, we'll discuss aspects of your diet, food & lifestyle habits, Yoga & meditation practices & any challenges you might currently (or previously) be faced with, in order to better understand your unique constitution (your 'Dosha') and tendencies.

What you recieve

You'll recieve guidance and support in integrating Ayurvedic practices and principles for your Dosha, making refinements in these areas of life with the aim of restoring more balance to your body, mind & spirit.

Reach out

First-time consultations are 60 minutes, with a follow-up call after 4 weeks.

Price is €85

I also offer ongoing mentoring (packages of 8 or 12 weeks) for ongoing guidance as your. implement this practice.

Please reach out to book in

Find Harmony in Mind, Body & Spirit

I also offer 1:1 Yoga Classes, tailored to suit your Dosha. These currently take place online. For more info contact

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