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Work 1:1 with me

There are 3 different ways I work privately with people:


1. Private vocal sessions - to explore range, tone, depth of voice & work through blocks/beliefs around it. 

2. Basic harmonium skills (and learning to play particular mantras as desired).

3. Personal mentoring and coaching work


These sessions are offered in blocks of either 6 or 8 sessions, which can take place either weekly or bi-weekly. As each student and human being is different and is coming from a different starting point, the sessions may vary based on your needs, goals and desires. 



If any of these interest you, please just reach out!

What's your Dosha? Take the quiz!!

*please note quiz results are intended as guidelines, rather than definitive readings. To fully develop a thorough understand your Prakriti, it is best to book a session to talk it all through!

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