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I offer private mentoring to those of you seeking more depth & consistency with your yoga & meditation practice, or guidance in integrating the parts of ourselves unearthed as we continue down this path of life.

Whether you are a teacher of yoga, someone who has an established practice, or if you are seeking to establish a deeper connection to Self (big 'S') through a traditional yogic & vedic lens, this mentorship is for you.

Areas of focus can (but are not limited to) include:

- Developing a personalised individual practice

- Making significant life changes

- Improving mental/emotional/physical health

- Healing your relationship with food

- Re-balancing pranic body

- Working towards personal goals 

It's my intention to help you remember and begin to embody again your innate place of harmony, health and happiness - however that might look for you, BEFORE going out into the world and sharing it with others. 


In addition to weekly live sessions with me (via Zoom), you will also receive:

- Personalised yoga and meditation practices, to be practiced between sessions.

- Ongoing access to my On-demand library of pre-recorded content

- Regular, ongoing support between sessions via email or Whatsapp

- 1 complimentary Ayurvedic reading session, where we'll determine your dominant Doshic tendencies. This will greatly add to the success of our online sessions.

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6 Weeks Private 1:1 Coaching

Price on request 


8 Weeks Private 1:1 Coaching

Price on request


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