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The Three


6 Weeks 

Ayurveda, Yoga, & Tantra

Explore the traditional teachings of Yoga & Ayurveda with personalized practices & 1-1 guidance

Includes weekly group modules, yoga practices, mantras and more.

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Ayurveda is rooted deep in traditional natural practices of health, healing and longevity. The traditional teachings of Yoga are inclusive of Ayurvedic practices - they both support and promote the effectivity of asana, pranayama & meditation.

This approach will help you learn to personalize your practices, in order to work with natural rhythms and cycles from a more holistic, prana-based awareness of Yoga asana, & ultimately - deepen your remembrance of SELF.

The first two weeks of our programme will focus on helping you design & cultivate a lifestyle regime (including routines, dietary habits, practices & more) to understand & balance your Dosha - as well as providing valuable talks on the history, context and application of Ayurvedic principles.

'Food as Medicine' is a concept which Ayurvedic teachers have shared for millenia - and which we will explore together within the context of healing and refining your relationship with food.


What is Yoga? Why is it important? How do I practice for my Dosha?


While the word 'Yoga' has been thrown around somewhat these days, getting back to the core teachings of Traditional Yoga means that we begin to cultivate a relationship with the Mind.

With Ayurvedic practices as a baseline to ensure healthy physical functioning, we can then begin to address the faculty which is at fault for the majority of our perceived suffering in the world - the Mind, the senses, and all of their ever-changing needs.

"The Mind is a powerful servant, but a terrible master" - Swami Vivekananda

During the second 2 weeks of The Three Rivers programme, we'll explore Yoga as a tool for understanding the Mind, peeling back the layers of patterning which keep us stuck in cycles of imbalance, fear & victimhood. As our Doshic tendencies are also reflected in the Mind, an awareness of Ayurveda becomes even more beneficial at this stage on the path.

As a group we'll also delve into aspects of yoga philosophy, including talks on Yoga & the Mind, as well as using practice as a vehicle for self-enquiry. 

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The much-misunderstood concept of Tantra is where the Three Rivers culminate - back at their Source. 


Traditional Tantric Hatha ultimately teaches the science of energy-management - a means of firmly rooting ourselves in self-sufficient awareness and acceptance, in order to serve the world as fully and as best we can. This step is crucial to cultivating the autonomy & intentional approach not only to weave more depth & meaning into your Yoga practice - but into life.

Tantric philosophy sees mastering our energy as the first step to carving out a purposeful, fully intentional existence in the world.


It means releasing the heavy, guilt-ridden burdens of the past, of conditioning, of expectations - and granting yourself the permission to show up fully as you are. 

During our final 2 weeks we will lead up to an in-depth exploration of Yoga through the lense of Prana, exploring the energetic body, bhakti yoga and the path of devotion, lighting the flame of awareness for continued change & momentum.

How will it work?

- Modules are released weekly, which include lectures, a yoga practice, weekly mantra, meditations and prompts.

- Over the 6 weeks, we will gather once weekly as a group for a live lecture via Zoom, discussing topics related to each module.

- Every 2nd week (3 in total), we will have our private session where you'll receive personalised guidance on balancing your Dosha, developing a personal yoga practice, and integrating everything we learn along the way.

- You will also have access to a private Facebook group will all participants to share extra materials and experiences.

The purpose of this programme is to share some of the deeper layers of self-awareness, understanding, healing and mind-body balance that traditional Yoga & Ayurvedic teachings offer.


Because this path is so much more than just touching your toes and feeling ‘relaxed’.


It’s much, much more - these teachings are steeped in wisdom that can be applied to enrich our lives today as we navigate through great change, learning to quieten and calm unruly minds and step into a more purposeful way of living.


This programme is for you if:

  • You have practiced a little bit of yoga, and want to learn more about traditional tantric hatha practices & Ayurvedic principles.

  • You are aware of Ayurveda but lack the support, understanding and full motivation to implement it into your lifestyle & practices.

  • You are a yoga teacher seeking to expand your understanding of Ayurveda, the energetic body & explore some devotional practices of Bhakti yoga

  • You are curious to learn about the role Yoga and Ayurveda can play in healing the mind-body connection.

  • You wish to get to know your Doshic type in more depth and receive personalised 1:1 guidance (including a personal yoga practice) on how to balance it.

  • You have completed my Nurture Your Nature Yoga & Ayurveda programme during 2020, and wish to recieve more personalized coaching


The Three Rivers of Ayurveda, Yoga & Tantra are a road-map back to our true nature.


Following this path, with discipline, guidance & dedication, it is common to meet parts of yourself that may have lain dormant, potentially sparking the inspiration or motivation for true internal growth and change. 


The healing aspect of these practices is what most interests me, and with weekly lectures on topics in each module, we will begin to uncover the true meaning of what it means to implement Yoga ‘off the mat’ - letting the beauty & wisdom of these ancient (but still so relevant) teachings seep into every aspect of your life.





What to expect from the course

Testimonials for Nurture Your Nature

We begin on February 28th

Ready to Dive Deep?

  • Ayurveda & the Body

  • Food as Medicine

  • Yoga & the Mind

  • Practice as a Mirror

  • Sensitizing to Prana

  • Shining the Light of Yoga


Earlybird price is €325  (until February 8th) -  €349 thereafter

This includes:

  • 3 x 1:1 Sessions (Ayurvedic consultation and 2 x follow ups)

  • 6 x weekly (1.5 hour) live lectures with group, discussing topics from each module

  • 3 x Dosha-balancing yoga practices (pre-recorded)

  • 3 x pre-recorded ‘complete’ Yoga & Meditation practices

  • 6 x tutorial videos for 6 different mantras (!!)

  • 1 live kirtan 

  • As well as additional pre-recorded videos each module, Ayurvedic recipes, meditations, course manual and ongoing guidance & support throughout.


Testimonials for Nurture Your Nature....

"Jenny is a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher that has a lot of respect for this practice. I loved every minute of the course and I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their overall health and relationship with oneself. "

B, Dublin

"I've moved with, taken courses and experienced coaching with Jenny - the world is lucky to have her gifts! She's helped me understand and connect different parts of myself, and gift myself pause to make space for creative breakthrough. Thank you Jenny, for all that you are."

"The small changes that I have made with implementing the Ayurvedic tools has improved my day to day. I have been able to find acceptance and genuinely felt a weight lift off my shoulders. It has been an amazing journey, learning to appreciate what your body does for you and really taking the time to listen and care for all different aspects of our self.  I have a better relationship with myself, food and others." 

"Deep gratitude for putting this course together and helping me think differently about the connection between mind body spirit and our energy and needs for balance!"

Aisling, Dublin

Ashley, Boston


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