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Tantric Hatha Yoga & Shamanic Breathwork RETREAT

16th- 18th December, Partry, Mayo

The breath flows in and just before it turns to flow out,

There is a flash of pure joy-

Life is renewed.

Awaken into that.

As the breath is released and flows out,

There is a pulse as it turns to flow in.

In that turn, you are empty.

Enter that emptiness as a source of all life.

-The radiance Sutras, translated by Lorin Riche

Wisdom of Prana

"The breath flows in and just before it turns to flow out,

There is a flash of pure joy-

Life is renewed.

Awaken into that.

As the breath is released and flows out,

There is a pulse as it turns to flow in.

In that turn, you are empty.

Enter that emptiness as a source of all life."

-The Radiance Sutras, translated by Lorin Roche


‘Prana’ - the subtle quality of pulsing ‘aliveness’ that flows through every living thing.


This weekend retreat is designed to give you an experience of Prana - your innate lifeforce energy - and help you begin to explore the ways in which we can live in alignment with its unfolding.


Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga (i.e, pranically-oriented yoga practices), pranayama, mantra, and Shamanic breathwork are methods which, among other things, help us to refine our awareness of and connection to Prana. Through this immersive retreat weekend, you will have an experience of what it means to feel, touch, and begin to shape the lifeforce energy that flows through every cell of your being.



What to expect?

Join Jenny & Aisling for a weekend to reconnect with yourself, your lifeforce energy (Prana), and with a magical group of likeminded, heart-centered humans.

We'll gather in an idyllic location in County Mayo, in a venue set on 240 acres of woodland with it's own private lake, sauna, and farm, surrounded by nature and ample opportunity to explore and take time to yourself.



- 2 nights shared accommodation 

- All vegetarian/ayurvedic meals + unlimited tea/snacks

- 4 Tantric Hatha Yoga & Meditation Practices

- Shamanic Breathwork & Sound Journey

- Group processing/journey integration

- Sharing circles

- Kirtan & Mantra Circle

- Vocal toning and 'Find Your Voice' workshop

- Pranayama Breathwork techniques

- Yoga & Tantric Philosophy Talk

- 'Discover Your Unique Astrological Storyline' 

- Embodied Movement/Dance practices

- Group Mandala Workshop (DJ & Doodle)

- Nature Walks

- Free time (use of sauna & grounds)

*Astrology readings available

*Ayurvedic consultations available

Arrival and check-in will be between 2-4pm on Friday 16th.


We'll spend the weekend on beautiful 240 acre private estate, with ancient woodlands, and 4km of lakeshore. The surroundings are breathtaking with glorious sunrise and sunset viewpoints, and we're blessed to have full access to these historic grounds for the duration of the retreat.

The land is also home to wild deer, pet lamas, goats, chickens, horses and ponies.

The accommodation is shared across a few stunning rooms. There is a mix of double and single beds. If you’re coming with a partner or friend, let us know if you’d like to share a double bed as there are a few available.

The kitchen is fully equipped and you will have all your meals catered, with unlimited snacks and teas.

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About Your Hosts

Jenny Ní Ruiséil

Jenny is an Irish yoga teacher, musician, mentor and gaeilgeoir who has spent several years travelling, exploring and integrating the traditional teachings of traditional tantric hatha yoga & ayurveda into her life. She also shares the magic of Bhakti yoga, a devotional practice accessed through chanting and group singing. 

She is passionate about sharing the beauty and healing power of these practices as a means to restore balance between mind & body, empowering students and clients to keep returning to and remembering their true nature, whilst embracing the contrast of life through heart-based living. Her vision is to help more humans return back to symbiosis with their roots, through fully embracing all aspects of their body, mind, emotions and energetic potential. 

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Aisling Mary

Aisling is a Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, Astrologer, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master.

Fueled by the love for depth and the ability to feel our feelings fully, she holds and encourages a space where you can express all that needs to be expressed in a loving, safe, container.

Aisling spent many years working a corporate career before moving to Bali, changing life path, and experiencing the raw beauty of life living in community. Aisling holds a space that empowers people to fully realise the power they hold, and using the stars and planets as guides to help you align with your soul intent.

Payment Options

The total cost for the weekend is €475

This will include 2 nights accommodation & all meals, as well as the retreat offerings.

There's an option to pay in full below

Full payment includes a non-refundable deposit of €175. 

In order to make payment accessible, we are offering an option to pay in 3 installments, the first being the €175 deposit, and two subsequent installments of €150 to be paid in full by December 10th.

*Astrology readings & Ayurvedic consultations are not included in the price but are available over the weekend at a discounted rate.

If you have any questions related to payment or the retreat in general, please send us a message and we'll get back to you.

We look forward to welcoming, holding and nourishing you in this beautiful space during the festive season. 

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