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50 - hour YACEP Online

Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga Training

Starts 29th September

'Prana' - 'Pr' and 'ana'

The prefix 'pr' is the same as is used in the word 'primary' and 'primal', and signifies the original, untouched, natural form of something. 

Heart of Prana

Prana is the innate impulse towards life, thriving and abundance that lives within each and every heart. The same energy that causes an acorn to become an oak tree, is what causes a foetus to grow into a baby...and it's all because of Prana. This is possibly the most helpful explanation of what Prana is - and the power that it holds. The power of growth, transformation and change - but also in a similar vein, the power of dissolution and deconstruction that must come along with it. 

In terms of what Prana has to do with a yoga & meditation practice, the answer is - literally everything. Our understanding of Prana is what shifts a practice from feeling dull, directionless and repetitive, to one which nourishes the very core of our connection with all of life itself. Nurturing your relationship to Prana is nurturing the heart of the pure awareness and love that you are which exists beyond the layers of identity, ego and external distraction.

The beauty of exploring yoga & meditation through the lens of Prana is that it takes on a layer that is beyond the purely physical aspect of practice. When this occurs, deeper aspects of self become accessible through the specific postures, breath and meditation techniques we use, resulting in a state that is clear, cohesive, and present. We become more capable of asking the necessary questions of ourselves that lead to growth, healing and expansion, rather than remaining stagnant and stuck. This is how practice becomes - in the gentlest, most subtle way - a tool for growth and transformation. 

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“To unite the body with nature, that is hatha-yoga. 

To create unity within the mind and the body, that is pranayama. 

To create unity with the mind and the soul, that is jnana. 

To create unity between the soul and God, that is bhakti. 

That is the complete yoga system—unity”

– Radhanath Swami


Tantric Hatha Yoga & Meditation

The teachings of traditional Tantra draw from the wisdom of the Vedas, and are based around the idea that within each and every human being, there lives a unique spark of potential, just waiting to be ignited.

Drawing on Prana, the innate impulse towards life contained in all living things, this systematic approach of combining very specific pranically-oriented movements (asana), pranayama (breath techniques) and meditation creates a solid baseline, from which our self-awareness and empowerment can begin to blossom.

Returning Prana to it's most balanced, even state within our physical, mental, emotional and energetic systems has the overall effect of creating lasting states of ease, peace and equanimity. 

It's from these states that we can begin to consciously, gently and with awareness, use the fire within to build and create the life we came here to live. 


The Training

The training will take place ONLINE over 5 months, 1 weekend per month, with mandatory practices and tasks to complete in-between. Times for the online sessions are all in GMT (Uk/Ireland) time and are as follows:

- Saturday 9-11.30am, (break) 1-3.30pm

- Sunday 9-11.30am, (break)  1-3.30pm


The sessions will all be recorded, but it is recommended if you are relying on the recordings to ensure you are caught up each month before the next online weekend.


There is a unique and particular impulse towards life which lives within and moves you.

To this impulse, 

Your body is a doorway.

Your breath is a doorway.

Your mind is a doorway. 

Your heart is a doorway.

How we move, practice, breathe, think and feel in any given moment is a doorway. 

Our job is not to 'perfect' our practice or even reach any specific one place within it - but to learn how to attune and tend to the fluctuating states of awareness and being that are constantly at play both inside and out. The 'mastery' we seek lies in the trial and error peeping in and out of doorways that grant us deeper vision into the nature of our souls. 

Who is this training for?

This training is for anyone who wishes to deepen and explore their connection to prana.


  • If you have previously trained as a yoga teacher, this course will allow you the space, time, guidance and support to refine your teaching/practice, infusing an awareness of the subtle body and inner spaces to your classes/personal practices.

  • If you do not teach/have no intention of ever teaching, this course will help you access and explore deeper layers of your personal practice, and begin to shift your perception of what we call 'yoga' from a purely physical experience to one which enriches your being on many layers.

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Module 1 - What is Prana?

- Mechanics of prana

- Introducing the Sukshma Sharira (subtle body)

- Developing pranic sensitivity

- Yoga sutra study

Module 2 - Connecting to the Subtle Body

- Exploring the importance of healthy breathing

- Pranayama vs breathwork

- Pranically-oriented asana

- Yoga sutra study

Module 3 - Mind & Prana

- The 'inner instrument' of the mind as viewed through the lens of yoga & science

- Kleshas and Koshas

- Biology of thought and belief

- Yoga Sutra Study

Module 4 - Coming Back to the Wisdom Body

- Inner exploration & self-inquiry as a goal of practice

- Yoga nidra

- Sankalpa 

- Yoga sutra study 

Module 5 - Entering the Endless Stream of Bliss

- Mantra & bhakti yoga in practice

- Devotion vs discipline

- Heartwork

- Yoga Sutra Study 

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Your Guides

Jenny Ní Ruiséil

Jenny is an Irish yoga teacher, musician and creative who has been studying and practicing Tantric Hatha Yoga for the past 7 years. Her teaching reflects a deep driving desire to cultivate connection, devotion and inner resourcefulness in those who feel pulled to explore it.

Her love for sharing mantra and Bhakti yoga (the yoga of devotion) has developed into a recognition that heartwork (ie, the work of the heart and connecting to emotions/devotion/inner knowing) is at the core of why we do any of these practices, and the teachings of Tantra have only served to deepen and expand this inner knowing. 

Her intention with sharing these teachings is to help others create a stable, solid foundation within, on which the inner heartwork can begin to gently re-orient them towards the sense of inner and outer harmony that is actually already seeking itself.

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Chrissie Chung

Chrissie is a dedicated seeker and practitioner of Yoga with over 8 years of experience devoted to unravelling and sharing the depths of its promise ~ to come home to an experience of Self as deliciously whole, already complete, with nothing else to prove. 


Her wish is to offer with complete sincerity the full potential of this practice as a way to enrich your own life, a practice that can imbue you with the deepest sense of trust, that can guide you back to a place of rich inner-knowing, that can open you to receive the fullness of your life even amongst all of its uncertainty.


She seeks to share practice as a spiritual science, weaving together the wisdom bodies of Yoga, Ayurveda & Tantra alongside recent research in the realms of neuroscience to help bridge the gap between science and spirituality.

Training Dates

29th September - (Opening circle, 7-9pm)

30th-31st Sept

4th -5th Nov

2nd-3rd December

13th-14th Jan

3rd-4th Feb


The total cost of the course is €850, which includes a non-refundable €150 deposit.

This is payable in full, or in monthly installments.

There are several options* for the installment payments, they are:

 - 5 x monthly installments of €140

- 7 x monthly installments of €100

*if would like to discuss payment options further, please email Chrissie on or Jenny at

Pay in full

Payment of €850, which includes non-refundable €150 deposit

Pay deposit

Payment of €150 - please email to discuss payment plans

YACEP Certification

This course is accredited by Yoga Alliance - meaning if you hold a current YA qualification (200 hour or more) this can count towards 50 hours of continued education, to be added to your Yoga Alliance certification. 

If you don't teach yoga, you can still enjoy the course as a means to deepen your own practice and understanding of these topics.


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