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The Yoga of Sound

Unlock the power of Sanskrit mantra through devotional sound, pranayama & voice


5-week online course

including live session and pre-recorded tutorials

(every Sunday evening, 7-9pm, from 14th April)

The Language of Yoga

In all ancient traditions, belief systems and faiths, the power of the spoken word held extreme significance. Whether spoken aloud, chanted, or silently repeated, the science behind the power of Mantra, intentional prayer and sacred sound holds incredible potential, both for healing and the expansion of our awareness.  From a Tantric perspective, Mantra is a tool for unlocking and expanding the potential of the mind. 

Sanskrit as a language is also incredibly rich in it's capacity to offer us both a sensory and energetic experience of the world around us, and of the concepts Yoga outlines as being the steps towards inner and outer balance.



In these 5 weeks together, you will:

- Explore the meaning and application of mantra - as a practice, as a form of prayer, and as a key to unlocking the subtle forces of healing, change and empowerment within.


- Learn how to play some popular Sanskrit mantras (on either guitar or harmonium), and all about their meaning and origins.

- Join an international group of yogis & chanters online each week for an educational talk (on the topics outlined below), followed by formal practice and devotional chanting 


"If you want the truth, I'll tell you the truth;

Listen to the secret sound, the real sound,

which is inside you.

The one no one talks of speaks the secret sound to himself,

and he is the one who has made it all"


Rough Outline of Live Sessions:

(Live sessions takes place very Sunday evening, 7-9pm, for 5 weeks from 7th April)

Week 1 - The Science of Sound, Introduction to Sanskrit - History, Pronunciation, & Practice

Week 2 - The Power of the Word, & Learn the Indian Sargam - (plus how to play if you have a harmonium)

Week 2 - Breath & Bhakti - Developing healthy breathing for your voice & practice

Week 4 - ‘Finding Your Voice’ as a teacher or chanter

Week 5 - Devotion in the Modern World

***All sessions include guided meditation & pranayama, as well as time for Q & A


About Your Host

Jenny is a yoga & meditation teacher, Kirtan leader, musician and writer who has spent the last 8 years immersing herself in the tradition and practice of Traditional Sri Vidya Tantra. Her deep connections to Ireland and to the Irish language have also led her to explore the ancient Celtic spiritual traditions of Ireland, through which she has come to understand that the words & language we choose to engage and communicate with leave imprints much deeper than we could ever imagine, and even hold the key to our sense of purpose, place and home in the world. 

Payment Options



  • Includes access to all 5 live session and their recordings

  • Pre-recorded tutorials videos

  • Group space





  • Includes access to all live content and recordings

  • Additional private session, focusing on an area of your choosing - eg, voice work, developing a private practice, learning particular mantras on harmonium/guitar




In 2 x Installments of 


(Option 1 paid over 2


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