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Workshops & Courses


Weekday morning sessions of mantra, breath, and meditation.


Learn new Sanskrit mantras each week, including the meaning pronunciation, purpose and application through practice.


Previous group sessions are available to purchase and view back on Podia too. 


The next round of sessions begins on August 1st!  

Link to purchase previous sessions:


May 2022

June/July 2022

Fundamentals of Ayurveda - 30-hour YACEP Course

This 30-hour online course is geared towards yoga teachers, practitioners and those serious about healing on a deep physical, mental and energetic level.


Using aspects of diet, lifestyle, energetics, yoga asana, breath and meditation, this course gives you a full spectrum look at how the tradition of yoga is far more than just a way to get more flexible. 

This course ran online in April of this year, but the recordings are available to purchase and take in a self-paced format at any time. You will still receive a YACEP certificate on completion of the final assignments.

Introduction to Tantric Hatha Yoga

4 live 'complete' practice sessions to begin exploring the depths and magic of traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga.

This 'mini-course' ran in February 2022, but the session recordings are here available to purchase in a self-paced format, with the option always to reach out with any questions or queries.

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