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Day retreat for men and women in Wicklow

Exploring traditional yoga, meditation, movement and self-inquiry practices as a gateway into the heart

Saturday 27th May 10am-8pm

Because in the end, it's all heart-work....

Join a group of likeminded humans for a day of practice, self-inquiry through the lens of yoga philosophy, and elemental wisdom.



'Heartworks' as a concept began last year with a series of day retreats at Avondale Retreat, surrounded by the beauty of luscious Wicklow forests. The premise was and still is simple - to create a space for people of all ages, backgrounds and intentions to come together and remember the innate capacity we all have as human beings to live from the heart.

Scope of Practice

Traditional tantric hatha yoga & meditation are unique in that their scope reaches far beyond simply strengthening and stretching the physical body. The power in these practices lies in the permission they grant us to uncover and witness aspects of ourselves that may have lain dormant, unacknowledged or unseen. 

The 'pinnacle' of this practice is not perfecting the most complex posture or attaining the most bendy body - far from it. If we look at all ancient texts, spiritual traditions, teachings and lineages, we begin to notice that the same thread unites that them all together, is also the underlying goal behind all human actions & behaviour - the deep yearning shared by all human beings to be seen, witnessed and held in the comfort of their own heartspace. 

Practicing in a group setting over a period of a time gives ample time to connect, reflect and refine what this might means for us, and best of all - to have our experiences reflected back to us by others who come to do the same.

Copy of Avondale-110.jpg
Copy of Avondale-110.jpg

A Day-Retreat to Reconnect

Moving through the layers of the subtle body, our day will be comprised of a number of practices and experiences to orient us through the aspects of the mind/body that keep us stuck in distraction, conditioned behaviours and mental chatter, towards the central part of who we are - the heart, and all its innate longings.

If you have been on a journey back to the Self, in whatever way that looks for you, you'll know that this journey through the layers of being which stand in the way of us living from the heart is in many ways, the only journey that truly matters. Because the heart has the power to neutralize whatever creates disconnection, and alchemize it into a deep inner knowing and sense of resilience.

There aren't really many requirements for this day - just an openness to share, reflect, be in circle, engage in some gentle but intentional movement practices, and embrace the natural beauty of the land.

What IS required however, is your heart. 

Your heart, in whatever state you currently find it - whether it's open, closed, broken, full, empty, bursting or even numb. 


Because you can do ALL the yoga, sit for ALL the hours in meditation, and still not have a clue about yourself or what your heart truly wants. I've come to realise through exploring various different externally-focused practices that what really matters is what is happening within, and our ability to sit with these fluctuating inner experiences.


Even so, throughout the day we will engage in:

 - Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga 

 - Forest walk & meditation in neighbouring woods

 - Self & group inquiry session through the lens of yoga philosophy

 - Yin yoga & cacao 

 - Group meal served in circle

 - Closing fire ceremony with mantra chanting 

(schedule weather permitting and as always, flexible!)

These will all be guided and facilitated by Jenny, but the invitation is there for anyone attending to share their gifts and experiences into the space, as we all learn best from one another.



Sometimes when we're in doubt, all we need to do is show up. Show up on the mat, for ourselves, for our loved ones, for whatever is trying to make itself known.


It takes an abundance of courage, humility and desire to keep showing up for ourselves in this way - to keep removing the masks, and looking beyond the veils of illusion which present themselves the second we step outside our doors. 


Continuing to clear space in our lives to welcome in what we desire is a requirement on this path towards self-remembrance. As Toko-pa Turner says: 


“This is the meaning of prayer. To clear an emptiness in our lives where the holy can enter. To prepare a place in our home, in our lives, in our hearts, where magic can feel welcome”. (From her book ‘Belonging’)

Come and clear a space in your heart, for whatever needs to enter, to arrive. 


DAY begins at 10am sharp

We'll wrap up with a closing fire ceremony by 8pm

Bring snacks, layers, yoga mat, blankets, a journal, and whatever else you need to make yourself feel cosy and at home. 

Price €120 for the day, everything included. 

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